Pari is a successful and professional makeover expert and image consultant specialist in North India. She works with female clients as well as individuals, group, company or corporate in the North India open to all ages. Pari had work with celebrities and some of her clients had walked for Fashion events.

Whether you are preparing to improve your social life, prepare for a job interview, create a new look, prepare for a modeling or acting audition, prepare for a pageant competition, learn the winning style, improve your looks, Pari is the image and makeover consultant specialist for you!!

Are you ready for a makeover? Do you need a professional makeover or your children needs a makeover? Are you ready to change your looks and image for the better? Is your image becoming a stumbling block towards a successful career? Is your employee needing a professional makeover? Are you ready for a makeover to be personally successful? Do you need a talented makeover expert in North India? Are you needing to meet someone special and need a makeover?

Pari’s goal as an image and makeover consultant is to educate and improve our clients’ lives by helping them feel comfortable and confident within themselves through proper wardrobe, hair, makeup, style, image, adaptability to the occasion, feel like a winner and have a great sense of self. Giselle wants her client to get the most out of what they wanted in life as a goal and to open many doors that would provide immense opportunities. Pari would like for you to get a hold of your stylish self and learn to wear the latest designer’s creations or if you wish to stay with in your comfortable style, it is time to improve the quality of your wardrobe and have more variety.